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What happens after the refusal of smoking - the steps of purification and restoration of the organis

What happens after the refusal of smoking - the steps of purification and restoration of the organis
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A person who abandoned the addiction to smoking often faces difficulties in the first days of refusal, keeps on nerves and a constant change of mood, one or two days, after which he stops his endeavors.

The reason is mainly in nicotine, which for a long time was a substitute for the main inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain Acetylcholine. It, in turn, in the central nervous system performs the function of normalization.

If you experience stress at work or are in a nervous situation, the production of acetylcholine increases, and the level of stress decreases. Conversely, too active state of the central nervous system is abnormal, so Acetylcholine inhibits brain activity, leading it to normal.

All this time - until the day of smoking cessation - the function of normalizing brain activity was performed by nicotine through cigarettes or alternative means, such as nicotine gum, sprays, hookah, etc.

After giving up cigarettes, the CNS no longer receives the grafted nicotine normalizer, but at the same time, the natural mediator acetylcholine is no longer produced, and the person begins to experience withdrawal syndrome, or withdrawal syndrome, which is accompanied by the processes of cleansing and restoring the organism of quitting.


  • Irritability
  • Aggressiveness
  • Drowsiness
  • Depressive state
  • Sharp mood races

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